The breeding philosophy of Braeside was developed and is known for producing a well-rounded dog that should be happy, healthy and a real Rottweiler throughout its life and these dogs have to be social.  I also believe strongly that a dog must have proven itself in competition, in an arena of its peers, to get a fair and honest judgment.  This is important in determining if that dog should be bred and to have knowledge and confidence in the outcome.

My own Rottweilers and those I place with others must be part of your life and those around you; so regardless of how “perfect” he or she looks, fitting into the family is my, and should be your,  number one consideration.  My personal dogs go to the office, travel extensively and have social manners and obedience that allows them to be part of our lives in every way. 

I have bred Conformation Champions, Schutzhund, Therapy, Obedience, Police K’9s, V-Rated, Breed Tested Dogs and many, many family companions.   The dogs we strive for have medium hardness and high trainability with balanced drives.  A dog that is not so hectic that it has difficulty settling down to go for a ride in the car, take a holiday with the family or watch TV with the kids, but still ready to defend his “human pack.”

In 2013 I bred the “T” Litter which was the seventh generation litter starting with Gamegards Braeside Hesperus.  Take a look at the photo “Our Dogs” page and you’ll see the Strength of Braeside, the Bitches…

Since 1977
Member of
ARC, IACP, ATTS Chief Tester, CGC Evaluator