I sell puppies for both competition (show) and companion (pet). I do not price puppies based on male or female, only the conformation, temperament and the overall quality of the puppy to fit the new owner.

The puppy is chosen based on its personality to blend into the home or working environment of the new owners. What are your expectations, are there children? How much yard do you have? Are you active outdoors, previous experience with Rottweilers or other working dogs? Please fill out the puppy questionnaire  to help me learn more about you.

Determining if I have the right puppy for you takes place over several phone calls, e-mails and or even a visit to my home to see where the puppy will be born and how the puppy will be brought up. You must have a very good feeling about the home the puppy comes from because it will make a long-term impact on both the puppy and how you perceive your relationship with the breeder.

If you are concerned that you want to find a puppy “close by” let me put your mind at ease… most of the time you will not find what you are looking for in your backyard. It is nothing to do with your specific location, but more because it just happens that way. I’ve placed more of my puppies well outside my geographic area than locally.

What is most important is the relationship you have with your breeder and that you work together to find the right puppy.  The first 8 weeks of that puppy's life is very important, it will set him/her on the right track for adulthood. So the breeder needs to be knowledgeable in the breed and the family's specific needs as well as being responsible to teach the new owners and offer help and training if and when needed.

And remember, if I don’t have the right puppy for you I will tell you. It does neither of us (or the puppy) any good if placed in an environment that is not best suited for a long and happy life with his or her new “human” family.

As for prices, as an old German Shepherd breeder told me many years ago, “Once you buy the dog, it takes less money to keep a good one than it does a bad one so you better off buying the good ones.” At Braeside we try to breed the good ones.